Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thesis Progress - More than I expected

I meant to post Section 3 today, which deals with the interior space, materials and the functionality of the house, but I've been having great difficulty finding appropriate imagery for it, so it will be delayed until sometime this week.

In keeping with my schedule I've begun drafting the body copy for the final section of the book. Section 4 deals with "The Greater Project" which covers the evolution of the house, the various graphic design pieces that were made to promote it and my closing statement on the future of Enthüllung.

In laying out the template for these pages I've found that the current page count of the book totals
51 pages not counting the title page, table of contents, Copyright Page and Endpages. This puts me above my original goal of 30-40 pages. hooray!

The first review of pages is scheduled for March 8th, while corrections and modifications are being made work will begin on the cover design for the book.

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